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Advantages of

Directory Submission Service


✔ Improvement in ranking of website in all the top search engines.


✔ Increase online visibility of the website.


✔ Increases brand popularity as hundreds of visitors coming to popular directories, where your website has been submitted, may come to your website.


✔ Many internet users search web directories to find good websites on various topics, especially those users who are looking for a specific service or products provided. This traffic can be diverted towards the websites which have submitted the links to these directories.


✔ Each directory submission creates an incoming link for the website. This not only increases the link popularity of the website, but also increases its search engine ranking, as search engines count the number of one-way links to a website while determining its ranking in the search results.


✔The improved traffic, due to directory submission, might lead to an increase in the sales of products and services. This is an excellent way to improve sales on your website.


✔ Manual submission in gradual way to avoid any suspicion by search engines. If the links to a site increases all of sudden, it may sound fishy, but gradual increase indicates popularity.




Directory Submission

Directory submission is the easiest and the fastest way to increase the popularity of your website.

What you will get from this service

  • We will submit your website to High PR Directories (All Directories are above PR3 and Alexa Rank up to 30000).
  • Manual Submission
  • 100% traffic increases in few days.
  • Panda and Penguin Safe.
  • Search engine friendly submission.
  • On-time delivery & highest approval rate.
  • Relevant submission in the right category to provide you maximum results.
  • Gambling, Casino and dating Articles are Allowed.
  • No Porn please.
  • You will get full report after work completion (Screenshots).
  • For Price & Packages see below.

Directory Submission

Directory submission is the easiest and the fastest way to increase the popularity of your website. When you submit your site to other directories, you achieve more visibility, thereby gaining more traffic. You can submit your website to high page rank directories to get more traffic.


As the internet grows, the number of websites is also increasing at record speed, at least 250 new websites are launched every day, around the world. Obviously, this rapid growth needed some structure and frame. Internet experts felt that there should be some way to categorize the websites to make it easier for user to search websites online. These directories allow users to search website in various categories. Users or website owners can log in to these web directories and post their website links after choosing a suitable category. It’s an easy to use, and highly effective tool.


Today, Directory Submission is used by website owners to create one-way links and get more exposure on net. They submit website links in relevant categories along with a short description and tags to ensure that they are easily search-able.


We will help you to improve rank of search engine with our Directory Submission service which is the best you can ever see anywhere.



As report We will send screensnapshots of all submission.

Please Note:

These are very high quality directories with High PR as well as high alexa rankings.

It takes several days/weeks for approval.

All links will be live on the respective sites only after its approved by the site owner.

These links will be approved in a phased manner and will look completely natural for search engines.


Details needed from you

After Payment Please send us your website details at our Email:

  • Website URL
  • Title
  • Description up to 200 characters or upto 50 words.
  • 3-5 Keywords
  • Category : Main category and Alternative category
  • Address Details :- Location of your site, Country.
  • Your Email for submission purpose (You will get messages at this email from directories)


Contact Email: or

Packages for Directory Submission


Delivery Time

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Submission to Top 50 Directories

5-7 Days


Submission to Top 75+ Directories


5-7 Days


33 USA Local Directories

5 -7 Days



700 High PR 7-PR 0 Directories


5 -7 Days


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