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Frequently Ask Question


Are these backlinks safe?

With more than 10,000 orders, we didnt have any problems, few sites after first days went down a little bit in rankings, but when the links got indexed sites jumped back and started ranking higher. And we are always happy to help.


Links are dofollow?

We promised a natural mix of do and nofollow backlinks, getting only dofollow backlinks does not look natural for Google, you need all type of backlinks. And nofollow links won't pass Page Rank but it still will help you rank, and this is what we are looking for.


Are these backlinks relevant/related?

The sites that we use are more general sites, so links are not relevant to your niche. We want to be totally honest with you, backlinks from relevant sites are better than not relevant, but since we going to submit relevant content to your profile, backlinks will be relevant on a page level.


Links are permanent?

Based on our experience, 90% of backlinks will stay like forever, we will always create some bonus backlinks, so even then you can still have minimum of promised working backlinks after long time.


Links are anchored?

We promised a natural mix of anchored and non-anchored backlinks, after Panda updates, its important to vary your anchortext a lot! And also link with naked urls and random words.


Can we order multiple times?

Yes, but we would recommend you link different parts of your websites, with different keywords.


What about new sites?

What we have experienced with new sites (less that 3 months old) usually is a google dance, these are

usually the first backlinks they get, and google starts looking for a new place in rankings. You can order for a new sites, but please dont expect that you will jump from nowhere to first page.


Can i link to Non-english sites?

Yes, no problem with that! You can use keywords and data in your language.





Pyramid Backlinks

To get to the first page or achieve a high search engine ranking is the aim of all websites and Pyramid backlinks is extremely effective in placing your website in Google.

What you will get from this service

  • We will create 5000 Safe Robust Backlink Pyramid with 200 URLs from Edu/Gov sites, from High PR sites, mix of Dofollow.


  • We will create pyramid layer 1 pointing to your site that will have 200 links in layer1 of which will mix these with liinks from High PR sites. Mix to have many Dofollow. Layer 2 pointing to Layer 1 would have 4800 links from choicest of domains.


  • We Will ping for free with drip feed. This is Google Panda and Penguin Safe and would help to push your site up.


  • We need your website URL and 3 Keywords.


  • 5000 Backlink Pyramid: $12

Increase Page rank with Pyramid Backlinks

To get to the first page or achieve a high search engine ranking is the aim of all websites. You can do this by pay per click advertising services offered by search engines or by creating one way backlinks of high quality. Pyramid Backlinks are nice tool which can help your website to grow and generate awareness.


Backlinks are counted as a popularity vote by search engines, and as such websites which have high quality backlinks are always ranked higher. But having said that, creating a list of high quality backlinks is a time-consuming and repetitive process. We are here to create Backlinks to your website to gain a wider range of audience through various means.


Backlink pyramids involves the process of building special types of links in an ordered & systematic way, making use of popular web 2.0 sites as the base for you links and then building several layers of connected backlinks that point to each other which finally point to your website. This special way of building backlinks is extremely effective in placing your website in Google because Google seems to give such high weight to one-way backlinks, as evidence that your site has something of value to offer. The link pyramid theory focuses on the importance of not only having a diversified backlink portfolio, but also the natural backlinking process in which search engines want to happen.


Details needed from you

After Payment Please send us your website URL and 3 Keywords at our Email: or

The backlink pyramid was one of the first backlinking strategies to be developed ever since Google began placing value on backlinks.

Here, you can see a diagram of a backlink pyramid.

A typical backlink pyramid will have three tiers:

Tier 1

Tier 1 will you be your highest quality links. These links should be manually created Web 2.0’s, high PR blog posts, high PR social bookmarks, etc… These links will be pointing directly tear my site so you want to make sure they are not spammy and have good diversity.

Tier 2

The second-tier of links will be medium quality links. You can use well spun content and auto create links. Article directories, wiki link and various low PR backlinks are good for the second-tier. Your second-tier of links will be pointing towards your first tier of backlinks only. The goal of the second-tier links is to strengthen the quality of your tier 1 points and improve the index rate of them. You will want to send multiple tier 2 links to each tier 1 back link. This means you will be creating 10 to 20 times more tier 2 and then you created in the first tear.

Tier 3

This is where we spam the Internet a la 2001. Tier 3 needs low-quality links like auto approved blog comments, Pligg bookmarks and Wiki links. This third tier of backlinks will be pointing directly to your second-tier of backlinks. The goal of tier 3 backlinks is to improve the index rate of your tier 2 backlinks. The majority of your tier 3 backlinks will not be indexed by Google so you should create enough that you will have at least a few backlinks indexed per tier 2 backlinks on average. Send another 10 to 20 times more backlinks pointing to your tier 2 links as you created previously.


Does Google penalize link pyramids?

Unlike the link wheel, backlink pyramids are a more natural occurrence in backlinking profiles. Google cannot actively find an penalize backlink pyramid as well as they can with link wheel other backlinking strategies. The only real concern should have with link pyramids is with quality. Make sure your tier 1 links are of high quality.


Increase your website's search engine rankings with our service! We'll create a link pyramid for your website. Link pyramids are highly effective for SEO because they leave no footprints, mainly because they don't interlink to each other like link wheels do.

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