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Frequently Asked Questions


How often to you update your email lists?

We update our mailing list daily by removing old email address and replacing them with fresh leads.


Where do you get your lists from?

We generate over 100k new leads every day compiled from propriety sources including Pay-per-click, SEO, Co-reg, Newsletters, Publishers, Retailers, Catalogs, Destination Sites, Consumer Survey Data Companies, Online Communities and Trade Publications.


Can you campaign to a list that is submitted by the customer?

No, we can only market to lists that our company generates and maintains.


Do the emails go to the recipients inbox?

Yes, because we're white-listed by all the major ISPs, the emails get delivered to the users inbox.


Do you send out HTML/Image ads?

Yes, we send both HTML and Text emails.


Will I be accused of SPAM?

No, all of our recipients are double opt-in and all have agreed to receive emails from our website and out partner sites.


Which recipients can I target?

All of the recipients in our mailing list are possible customers. Your email will be sent to all of them. So no matter what your advertising the right people will see it.


What else will go out with my advertisement?

Your email advertisement will go out as a solo ad. We never attach other member's advertisements to your email. However, we do include the following statement at the bottom of your email advertisement to remind the recipients why they are receiving your email ad.


What kind of results should I be expecting?

It's impossible for us (or anyone else) to guarantee that! That depends on your particular advertisement. Results will be different depending on the type of business, service, or product you offer, in addition to the content in the sales message.


How many characters am I allowed in my email?

Your email may have up to 100 characters including spaces in the subject line and10,000 characters in the body.


Do you provide customer support?

Yes, all emails will be answered in 24 hours. However, in most cases within the hour.


Are you compliant with all the marketing laws?

Yes. We comply with all the marketing laws. We ONLY send emails to people that have subscribed to our lists! We also include a disclaimer, a valid return email, a physical address, and an easy way to unsubscribe!


Email Marketing and Advertising

With Email advertising reach Millions of members who want to receive your offer using our effective list mailing system!

What you will get from this service

  • We will send your Website Link/message/ads to 2500000 Consumers and Business Recipients.
  • All Email Recipients are Double -Opt in.
  • No Spam
  • Guaranteed Clicks/Visitors. You will get atleast 4000 - 10000 Visitors.
  • Trackable Visitors from Google analytics or your web stats.
  • Huge traffic that you have never imagined for this price. Traffic from worldwide, Maximum traffic from USA, UK and many more countries.
  • We will send screensnap shot of Message sent.. No subscribers list are available.
  • We work hard to give you with the best quality traffic, but being real human visitors we can not control their actions , conversions or sales.
  • Strictly No >>> Drug, Arms related and Hacking sites.
  • 25,00,000 Email Blast: $4
  • For more Packages please see below.

Email Marketing is the powerful way to boost your traffic and skyrocket your profits!!


Email Advertising/Email Marketing/Email Blast

Email marketing is the most productive advertising tool. Daily Millions of people search the internet for business and as a result Internet marketing has become the most common tool to run a business smoothly. Using Email Advertising, helps you to make a strong impact of your business on Internet.


With Email advertising reach Millions of members who want to receive your offer using our effective list mailing system! Bulk mailing with the usage of email address list can appear to be reasonable way to make an email advertising campaign more successful than ever and bring the business to the next level.


All of our email recipients have agreed to receive email about new products and services! and have double-opted in to receive marketing messages at one of our many partner sites We've never had a single person accuse us of SPAM (because it's not!). And since all messages leave straight from our secure bulk email server, your domain (and, hence, your business email) and ISP will not be part of the process. Your sale will touch through the roof in just a few days using our bulk email system!


It will help to boost Alexa ranking and this is very important, which will bring you more leads and sales for your business. Also, it is goods for Google Adsense and other PPC, CPC websites. Because all visitors are real people, you can track them and get details by any tracking tools, like Google Analytics and other tracking tools.


Details needed from you to start work

All you have to do is send us a picture of your product or a description of your company and we will make your Ads

Contact Email: or


Guarantee: You will get guaranteed 4000-10000 Visitors/Clicks


Delivery Time

Work will be completed within 1-3 Days. We will send complete report after work completion.


If you are interested in our Weekly, bi-monthly and Monthly service, please contact us. We have largest bulk email databases available to online marketers.We will design a best solution with best price for your website and fit your needs!


This is big opportunity!!

Don't miss it!!


Delivery Time

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25,00,000 Email Blast

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