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Power of Social Media to Boost your Brand Image, Sales and Profit


Socializing on social networks is among the most popular activities on the internet. Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networking platforms and it is expected to grow further in the coming years. Twitter offers micro blogging and social networking services. Many top brands have successfully used twitter as an effective tool to promote and market the brand. The social networking site is used in all countries around the world on a massive scale thereby helps the brand reach overseas within few days. From enhancing your business image to improving SEO, social media offers a lot of benefits for your website.


We works on creating a positive image of your website among the followers. A right campaign on this social networking site is beneficial and leads to numerous clients. Brands and businesses that use twitter as a marketing tool increases communication and traffic to your site. It connects with all sectors of people, customers and help keeping an eye on the competitor’s activity closely.


Our team members have years of experience in the Web marketing industry, including Link Building, Advertising, Social Media and all factors that affect organic rankings and to boost your brand image, sales and profit.



Twitter Advertising and Promotion

Twitter followers help a lot in terms of visibility to any kind of product or service. It will increase your audience and your online brand is more exposed with the likelihood of your brand being remembered increasing dramatically.

What you will get from this service

  • We will post your Website Link / message / ads to our 110000 Followers 10 times in 10 days.
  • All Followers are from WORLDWIDE.
  • Huge traffic that you have never imagined for this price.
  • All of our 110,000 Twitter Followers are real people.
  • Manual work and attention to each campaign. Guaranteed Visitors/Clicks
  • We work hard to give you with the best quality traffic, but being real human visitors we can not control their actions, conversions or sales.
  • Strictly No >>> Porn, Lottery, casino, Drug, Arms related and Hacking sites.
  • 10 Tweets to 110,000 Followers: $4
  • For more Packages please see below.

Twitter Marketing and Advertising

The Power of TWITTER and SOCIAL MEDIA to promote:



Ebay auction or store

Entertainment - book, CD or movie

Events - clubs, sporting, fashion, plays

Network Marketing



This is an excellent service for both business accounts and personal accounts. Business accounts can gain recognition and have their product viewed by thousands upon thousands of people, and personal accounts can gain followers and popularity.


Every online business requires a way to reach out to more people in order to get good traffic to their website. Provider’s product information has to be visible to consumers and we help the providers to become popular and more viewable to the right audience. Buy our service and grow your business online.


The growing rate of technology has evolved various sectors and industries to a very great extent. Marketing too has find new and more effective ways to promote a business. Every provider today wants to reach out to as many consumers as possible. Internet marketing has provided a huge platform to showcase your products and we are extremely capable of doing it.


We provide you the best online exposure through Twitter. You can reach out to people all around the world through this platform. The most important aspect of marketing is to reach out to the most relevant user and showcase your product. If a person becomes a fan of your page then his friends will see this in his activities, which will attract them to click on the page. If they are also interested, they will also become fans and so on and so forth. This helps in popularizing a brand and spreads quite a lot of information about the product.


Twitter followers help a lot in terms of visibility to any kind of product or service. Twitter marketing provides a much deeper solution through pages, community, and groups etc to spread the information. In fact, when you buy our service you increase your audience and your online brand is more exposed with the likelihood of your brand being remembered increasing dramatically.


Tweets (Messages) Rules

EXACT Messages can NOT be repeated on same day, 140 characters limit.

Messages can not mention any links that are against twitters policies

Messages can not contain profanity or links to adult or hate sites.


What We Need

Please send us your post/message with payment.

Your post will be scheduled within 48 hours of payments and scheduled for within 10 minutes of desired time


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Delivery Time

Work will be completed as per your packages.

You can see all of your advertisement (tweets) that were placed by clicking the "tweets" in the twitter account, supplied after purchase. Since these are SCHEDULED advertisement, you also can check the account during your selected period.


If you are unsure about anything or have any further questions, don't hesitate to send us a message!

If you are interested in our Weekly, bi-monthly and Monthly service, please contact us. We will design a best solution with best price for your website and fit your needs!




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