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Frequently Asked Questions


What is source base traffic?

Source base traffic means you will get traffic by referral sites. For example: google.com, Facebook.com, Twitter.com etc


Are you using software or bot for sending traffic?

No! And of course not? We only done this work manually. If you can proof it, We will refund you 100%


Can I use short url?

No! you can't do it. You can short only by goo.gl or bit.ly


Is this traffic will show my google analytic?

Yes! You can track traffic by your own google analytic.


What is contractual period?

Contractual period means, which you have purchased for receiving traffic for a certain time frame. For example: For 10 days or 30 days or 60 days. You will receive traffic within this time, once We start your service to expired of contract.


What type of url do you accept?

We are accepting all valid url. Except Adult and drug site, Direct download url, direct registration form, very slow loading site, PTC site and any fan page and streaming video or url.


Is this traffic safe for my advertise or search engine?

This traffic 100% safe for any advertiser. And it is safe for all google update. And Penguin 2.0 and panda 4 safe


Is this service money back guarantee?

Yes! If you can proof your site get penalty by search engine or advertiser by my service, We will refund you 100% without any question. But over 5 years anybody can not claim like this. And from my side, this traffic is 100% safe.


Can I choose traffic by country targeted?

No. You can not choose country targeted traffic. We are giving only USA and Europe traffic.


Will you notify me after start of traffic?

Yes! Our team will notify you. And get you full update report just moment after start of traffic. And you can track from that time.


Will you provide report?

Yes. We will provide you complete report with tracking url and We will provide you date and time from start date to ending date. We mean when your traffic will start and when it will end. We will get you report Just after we start your service. Then you can track by yourself.


When will you start my traffic service?

Answer: We will start your traffic service within 24-48 hours after your purchased and once start your service, We will get you full update


How much traffic can I get each day?

It is called unlimited traffic service. So It is unsure how much traffic will you get? Despite of We can get you idea which other people received- 500-1000 per day minimum.


Can I contact with you, if I get any problem to receiving traffic in contractual period?

Yes and of course! We request you, If you feel any problem, Just inform us and we will more happy if you contact with us about your issue. And our team always ready to solve your problem in very quick time.




Website Traffic from USA & Europe

Imagine having thousands of potential customers looking at your website starting today!! More Traffic= More Sales= More Profit

What you will get from this service

✔ Natural and real traffic each day

✔ Traffic from USA and Europe

✔ Increase Alexa rank

✔ No software traffic or no China traffic

✔ No Bot, No Proxies, no panel traffic

✔ 100% adsense safe

✔ Excellent Click-through rate (CTR)

✔ Unique traffic each and every one

✔ 24 hours non stop traffic to your site

✔ 100% safe for all google updates

100% safe from Penguin 2.0 and panda 4 and latest Hummingbird

✔ Google analytic trackable Traffic

✔ We will provide Goo.gl live Traffic tracking analytic url

5000 USA Web Traffic: $2

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Increase your site's Exposure & Sales

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Are you looking to attract a flood of customers to your online business? Do you want more targeted people checking out your products and services that will allow you to dramatically increase your revenue? Then let us show you how we can be the right choice for all your targeted website traffic needs.


The old adage remains true – More Traffic = More Sales. If people are not browsing through your website, there is no hope that you will generate any sales. In order to boost exposure to your site and generate results today, you need to buy website visitors. It comes down to a numbers game. The more traffic you have, the more people will execute a transaction on your site – whether it is a purchase, free trial or opt-in signup. If you are not buying traffic for your website, you should strongly consider it. It is the most cost effective and timely way to start boosting your sales today.


Every website needs quality, targeted website traffic to succeed and make sales. We operate an online advertising network that provides businesses with high quality website visitors and affordable prices.

You might have a well designed website, perfectly written sales page and far superior products or services than your competitors, but that all counts for nothing unless you have a steady supply of real targeted visitors who are interested in your business. We can help you take your business to the next level with our high quality website traffic.


Trusted Company

Adsonlineinc is the dedicated supplier in the traffic service since 2010. Adsonlineinc has satisfied customers all over the world. We have served many website owners to increase their website traffic. We have a referal site network to provide you with the best quality traffic! Now we offer website traffic from USA and Europe.


Buy High Quality Traffic

We do provide the High quality and cheapest website traffic. It is as low as $4 dollars for 2,000 unique visitors a day! If you buy traffic for more than 15 days, it will cost you even less! Buy traffic for 30 days to obtain the best results with alexa traffic. The traffic we deliver is real and legitimate, it is generated from direct visits and search results - NO Spam, No Bots! Don’t wait!! Hurry up to buy your traffic at a cheapest price now!


100% Real People

Adsonlineinc works with real people, who interact with your website. Adsonlineinc has thousands networks in various countries. It is simple - No Bots, No Software, Different IPs from various countries - you buy onlyreal traffic that looks natural in Google Analytics. Our traffic guarantees the increase of Alexa and Complete ranks. Buy traffic and make your website more valuable for advertizers and search engines. Alexa rank gives your website additional weight in Google search results!


Please read & think first ....

If you think, you want to get 100% safe and real traffic without any penalty for your site or advertiser, And if you want search engine improvement with ranking, so this service absolutely right for you.


But if you expect software traffic or proxies traffic or fake traffic, please do not purchase our service. We are only providing real traffic without using any software or bot or proxies or using any panel in cheap price

Only we can guarantee you 100% safe traffic without any penalty. Either 100% refund money without any question any time.


Contact: If you have any question about this service, please ask us.

seoservice@adsonlineinc.com or gcarter61@gmail.com



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